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Discover how CDC Cleanrooms engineered a bespoke cleanroom for an industry leader, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance.

Project Overview

Project Meteor

Project Meteor represents a landmark achievement in cleanroom design and build by CDC Cleanrooms. This project involved the creation of a meticulously designed cleanroom facility tailored to support advanced manufacturing processes. Our full turnkey solution included architectural construction, critical mechanical and electrical services, and comprehensive testing and validation to meet ISO 14644 standards.

Features and Benefits

Project Highlights

Customised Design

Engineered to meet the clients specific needs, our cleanroom designs incorporate flexibility and precision to support complex manufacturing processes

Turnkey Solutions

CDC Cleanrooms provides comprehensive solutions from conceptual design to completion, ensuring seamless functionality across all operations.

Advanced Mechanical Services

Our installation of state-of-the-art mechanical systems guarantees optimal environmental conditions to maintain product integrity.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure our cleanrooms meet all regulatory standards, providing full documentation and validation for peace of mind.

Technical Specifications

Technical Insight

Our commitment to excellence is showcased in the cleanroom’s technical specifications. The facility features a Montage Monobloc partitioning system, sophisticated air handling setups to maintain precise room pressures, and high-grade finishes that meet the rigorous demands of the clients manufacturing processes.

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What The Client Says

"Working with CDC Cleanrooms on Project Meteor has not only enhanced our operational capabilities but also elevated our standards in manufacturing precision components. The CDC team’s expertise in cleanroom design and their meticulous attention to detail have been integral to the project's success."
Mr Spaull
Campus Support Services Manager

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