Surrey University – Cleanroom Remedial Works/New Gas Store


The Advanced Technology Institute at Surrey University is shaping tomorrow’s technology with a unique blend of applied research inspired by theory, carried out by research teams with board multidisciplinary research expertise in electronics, physics, material science, chemistry and biology.
Their research activities in nanotechnology, photonics, ion beams and advanced theory address the grand challenges in information technology, renewable energy, and health-care technology which face today’s society.


Industry Sector: Semi Conductor Electronics
Project Classification: Cleanroom Remedial Works / New Gas Store
Value: £400,000
Time on Site: 6 weeks
Physical Size: Existing facility

Scope of Work

CDC Cleanroom Specialists were employed as principal contractor for the project:
• All specialist gases
• Gas detection
• Electrics and wiring
• Extraction systems
• Strip-out and decontamination
• Analytical testing

• Clean down
• Validation
• ‘BMS’ Controls Enhancement
• Commissioning
• New gas bottle store
• Liquid nitrogen compound

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