The University of Liverpool - Cleanrooms


The present Faculty of Engineering is a major centre in the United Kingdom for engineering teaching and research. Up-to-date facilities are available in well-equipped laboratories. There are about 100 teaching staff and over 1,000 undergraduates, of whom 13% are female.


Industry Sector: Nano Technology
Cleanroom Classification: Class 10,000
Class 1,000
Class 100
Value: £170,000
Time on Site: 9 weeks
Physical Size: 90m 2

Scope of Work

The work included:
The University of Liverpool – Cleanrooms
• Partitioning
• Tee bar ceiling
• Vinyl floor
• Class 100 wet bench
• DI Water Plant
• Gases
• Strip-out

• Builders Work
• Air conditioning Plant
• Automatic Controls
• Electrical and Lighting
• Mechanical pipework and ductwork
• Validation

Client Comments

‘I would be happy to say that at each stage ofdesign, installation, and commissioning, the company’s project manager worked closely with the academic staff and administration at the University of Liverpool to achieve the desired specification. An on-site manager was present to ensure the safety and security of the existing fixed plant and the minimum of downtime was achieved by this process. The resulting design has been very effective and easy to maintain.’

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